17 Dec 2012


Here are some collages I did on Picasa. Hope you enjoy. 
I love making collages it is so fun.

Book Covers

When I was at my Granny's house I made two book covers. So here they are

7 Dec 2012

My Garden

I just got back from taking pictures from our garden. I thought I should share some with you.

6 Dec 2012

My top 4

Hi everyone. I thought I should share more of my favourite photos.
Its hard to explain why these are my favourites, I guess they just are.
I love sharing all of my photos to everyone who visits my blog, it is much appreciated. 
So I just wanted to say thankyou. 

4 Dec 2012


Yesterday I got Picasa 3. It is a photo editing program. I'm in love with it. I have created some collages. I thought I could share some. Hope everyone likes them.