26 May 2013

Good bye

Hi everyone this is my last post on this blog, but don't worry I have made another blog called 'Best Shots' the URL is bestshots431.blogspot.com.au please visit. I'm am sorry but it is something I need to do. I hope to see you all there, please follow me on Best Shots. Thank you all for you support.

Ally :(

Bye Bye

1 May 2013


Erosion on rocks is amazing. I find it really interesting, because the way it forms with the rocks, and the pattern and texture of them. I took this picture awhile ago, I don't remember which one I have been to many beaches to remember.


As all of you might know I love making collages using picasa so I made a special collage to day of all of my flowers. The amount of colours in the collage are amazing the purples, the pinks and much more. I don't know were I came up with this idea, I just did. There will be more pictures to come, so wait and see. Enjoy this one first.

It is not that big, but it still very beautiful and colourful.


Awhile ago when I was at my grandma's we saw this cicada, but it wasn't for a while we realised it was dead. Poor thing, but it still looks really good. 

It is a wondrous creature, is it not. Well I love it.


This picture is of a camellia outside my window. I saw it two days ago and went outside yesterday to take a picture of it. It is so beautiful, at the time it was the only one on there and now it is starting to blossom. So now I have a picture for you, I hope you all like.

 As I told you all, it is certainly beautiful. The pink and the yellow goes well to you. If you can see in the background you can see another one and a few blossoming.
Well I hope you liked the picture.

Jack and his toy

We got this toy for Jack recently and he loves it as you can see. I took this picture when he first got it, now it is torn. Jack is funny that way. He ruins nearly all of his toys. Hope you love my adorable dog.

In this picture it might look like he is biting it, but in this case he is actually licking it. It is so cute, it is like he is taking care of it, so sweet.

Hope you all like this picture. There will be more to come, not of my dog but other things.

29 Apr 2013

Sunset at Granny's

This is a beautiful sunset I took around 3 weeks ago, it was one of the most stunning sunsets I've seen. The sun was actually red, but none of my cameras could take a picture when the sun was red. But I'm still happy with my picture.

Sorento Beach

Around two weeks ago some of my family and I went off to Sorento Beach it was really fun. We went to a few shops and also got some ice cream, that was way too fattening to eat. But besides all of that stuff we went to the beach. Not for a swim of course it was to cold for that ( but that didn't stop Matthew my brother ha-ha ). We had a picnic there and also watched the ferry come in. It was so big. Luckily I got a picture of it.

 As you can see it is really big. I wish I could've gone on it, but there is always a next time.

  Even though it was quiet cold there was a bit of sun out, and the beach still looked nice.

Pretty Flowers

I stumbled across these photos yesterday. I don't remember where I took them, I might have taken them at my grandma's house. They were beautiful. I liked them mostly because they were purple, and I love the colour purple. 

They look so soft and precious, that is why I am sharing them with you today.

Matthew's Collection

My youngest brother Matthew, loves birds. He has a bird called Green-bow, don't ask me why he named him that he just did. He also has several bird figurines, and much more bird things. He would usually buy his bird things from an op shop, when he goes with our grandmother. He always wants to buy bird stuff, and we have to so NO all the time ha-ha. So I thought I would share a few pictures of his things.

This is Matthew's bird, Green-low. He is a cheeky and noisy bird. I love the colours of him, his head is yellow and his body is green very cute.

This is one of Matthew's bird figurines it is my favourite one. I don't know why I like it, I just do.

This is one of Matthew's precious possessions, and I find it very interesting. It is an egg with nothing inside. It has been painted and glossed. 

So this has been my post for now. I hope you enjoyed. 

28 Apr 2013

Etihad Stadium

One day all of year 10 went on an excursion to the Docklands. It was really fun. The one part I loved, besides shopping at Habour Town, was going to Etihad Stadium. It was really cool. We all went on the ground.
Here is a photo.

It was a really good experience. We even got to go in the coaches box, they were nice. We also went in were the commentators sit, and were they do all the TV broadcasting. It was amazing.

Dandenong Mountains

Awhile ago my family and I went off to the Dandenong Mountains to look around. My mum and I look at this store which had tin animals, but we didn't get one. So I thought I should show you this interesting tin animal.
Hope you all enjoy.


Every evening I try to go outside and take pictures of clouds. I really liked this one because I like the colour of the orange on the clouds. It makes it more interesting, and less plain than white clouds. So I thought I would share this picture to show everyone what I think of it, and why I like it.
Hope you enjoy.

27 Apr 2013

My Favourite Camera

Hello again I thought I would share my favourite camera that I take most of my pictures with.
This camera was originally my dads, but after awhile he gave it to me. I was so happy, and now I take it everywhere with me. It will always be my favourite camera because my dad gave it to me. Thanks dad, I love you.
So here it is.

Book Cover Tutorial

Hello everyone,
It has been awhile since I have blogged and I apologise for that. So I have decided to do something special. I am going to do a book cover tutorial. Hope you enjoy.

20 Mar 2013

What type of bird is this?

Hello to all of my viewers,

I would like to know what type of bird this is, I have posted this photo before and it is not till now I realized I didn't know what type of bird this is. Could you all please help me to identify this breed of bird.

Thank you Ally. :)

19 Mar 2013

The Beach

I love the beach this is why I picked these the photos! Hope you enjoy. :)

24 Feb 2013

Japanese Garden

This is a photo of a Japanese Garden. I have chosen this photo because I would always go there to relax and read. It is a beautiful scenery. Hope you enjoy.

Daisy Chains

Hi everyone. This is my picture that I am posting on this lovely day. The reason why I have chosen this photo, is because it reminds me of when I was younger and use to make daisy chains in school.

Thank you all. :)
From Ally

23 Feb 2013

Storm is coming

Hi everyone today I decided to upload a picture of a storm that was coming in the evening, which I found very interesting. I really like the colours of the clouds, because I can see different shades of grey and a little bit of white. I love how the colours mix together.

Hope you enjoy.
From Ally

17 Feb 2013


This is the first picture I took of a bee, so it is really special to me. Hope everyone enjoys, like I have.

3 Feb 2013

Small bird

I'm sorry I have not posted in a very long time. I can't make any promises, and I don't want to make excuses for my absence. I've decided to post pictures when ever I want. So here is my blog post.

This is of a bird I took when I went to Fisherman's Beach for the first time with my Grandma. Hope you enjoy.

12 Jan 2013

Day 7: Sunset

Hi everyone, sorry about the past few days that I haven't been blogging, I have been really busy.

So here is the picture from Day 7, 

This is of a sunset, the thing I like the most about this picture is the colours of the clouds.

10 Jan 2013

Day 6: 5 Little Birds Sitting on a tree

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday because my computer wasn't working.

So here is yesterdays picture

This is of some of my birds sitting on a branch in their cage.

I like this picture because I find it cute. Hope you enjoy. :)

8 Jan 2013

Day 5: My dog eating

This is a photo of my dog eating his dinner, I took it because he does like anyone disturbing him when he eats

7 Jan 2013

Day 4: Planes

This is a picture of a plane. I took this picture when I was at the airport waiting for my Pop to come.

6 Jan 2013

Day 3: Love Birds


Today's picture is of two love birds. I love this photo because it is so cute. Also I like the colour of them.

5 Jan 2013

Day 2: Birthday Cake

Hello again,

It is day two of my picture posting. This picture is of my little brothers birthday cake. It was his birthday not long ago. He is 10 now, and still the same person. It was a fun birthday and he got lots of presents.

So here a few pictures of the birthday cakes.

4 Jan 2013

My Promise

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I have blogged. So now I have made a promise to myself that every day from now, I would post a picture and write why I like it.

Wow what a picture. The reason you this picture is one of my many favourites, is because I look at this picture and I see a beautiful bird just starting to land on the hot sand. I also like the shadow you can see on the sand. 

So this is why this photo is my 'Picture of the day.'  Hope you all love it the way I do