12 Jan 2013

Day 7: Sunset

Hi everyone, sorry about the past few days that I haven't been blogging, I have been really busy.

So here is the picture from Day 7, 

This is of a sunset, the thing I like the most about this picture is the colours of the clouds.

10 Jan 2013

Day 6: 5 Little Birds Sitting on a tree

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday because my computer wasn't working.

So here is yesterdays picture

This is of some of my birds sitting on a branch in their cage.

I like this picture because I find it cute. Hope you enjoy. :)

8 Jan 2013

Day 5: My dog eating

This is a photo of my dog eating his dinner, I took it because he does like anyone disturbing him when he eats

7 Jan 2013

Day 4: Planes

This is a picture of a plane. I took this picture when I was at the airport waiting for my Pop to come.

6 Jan 2013

Day 3: Love Birds


Today's picture is of two love birds. I love this photo because it is so cute. Also I like the colour of them.

5 Jan 2013

Day 2: Birthday Cake

Hello again,

It is day two of my picture posting. This picture is of my little brothers birthday cake. It was his birthday not long ago. He is 10 now, and still the same person. It was a fun birthday and he got lots of presents.

So here a few pictures of the birthday cakes.

4 Jan 2013

My Promise

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I have blogged. So now I have made a promise to myself that every day from now, I would post a picture and write why I like it.

Wow what a picture. The reason you this picture is one of my many favourites, is because I look at this picture and I see a beautiful bird just starting to land on the hot sand. I also like the shadow you can see on the sand. 

So this is why this photo is my 'Picture of the day.'  Hope you all love it the way I do