26 May 2013

Good bye

Hi everyone this is my last post on this blog, but don't worry I have made another blog called 'Best Shots' the URL is bestshots431.blogspot.com.au please visit. I'm am sorry but it is something I need to do. I hope to see you all there, please follow me on Best Shots. Thank you all for you support.

Ally :(

Bye Bye

1 May 2013


Erosion on rocks is amazing. I find it really interesting, because the way it forms with the rocks, and the pattern and texture of them. I took this picture awhile ago, I don't remember which one I have been to many beaches to remember.


As all of you might know I love making collages using picasa so I made a special collage to day of all of my flowers. The amount of colours in the collage are amazing the purples, the pinks and much more. I don't know were I came up with this idea, I just did. There will be more pictures to come, so wait and see. Enjoy this one first.

It is not that big, but it still very beautiful and colourful.


Awhile ago when I was at my grandma's we saw this cicada, but it wasn't for a while we realised it was dead. Poor thing, but it still looks really good. 

It is a wondrous creature, is it not. Well I love it.


This picture is of a camellia outside my window. I saw it two days ago and went outside yesterday to take a picture of it. It is so beautiful, at the time it was the only one on there and now it is starting to blossom. So now I have a picture for you, I hope you all like.

 As I told you all, it is certainly beautiful. The pink and the yellow goes well to you. If you can see in the background you can see another one and a few blossoming.
Well I hope you liked the picture.

Jack and his toy

We got this toy for Jack recently and he loves it as you can see. I took this picture when he first got it, now it is torn. Jack is funny that way. He ruins nearly all of his toys. Hope you love my adorable dog.

In this picture it might look like he is biting it, but in this case he is actually licking it. It is so cute, it is like he is taking care of it, so sweet.

Hope you all like this picture. There will be more to come, not of my dog but other things.

29 Apr 2013

Sunset at Granny's

This is a beautiful sunset I took around 3 weeks ago, it was one of the most stunning sunsets I've seen. The sun was actually red, but none of my cameras could take a picture when the sun was red. But I'm still happy with my picture.